We’ve been super silent for the last several months, and haven’t played a show since December. Part of that was due to us finishing up tracking our next record, and part of it was that life can be ridiculous. Let’s not get into that, and just focus on the good news - WE’RE PLAYING A GAT DANG SHOW!

Two weeks from today on March 30th, we’ll be jumping up on Cafe Nola’s stage (we’ve been assured that they will be open by the 30th), and knocking out the cobwebs. It’s going to be one of their first shows after reopening post remodel. We’re pumped, and we hope you all are too. We’ll also be bringing our good friends in Lucas Laws & the Scofflaws. They’ll be closing the night down, so be sure to get there early. We’ll be warming the dance floor up after a nice hibernation. See you all there.