Upcoming Show 9/21

Greetings MTNS fans. We've got a fun show coming up, and we want you all to be there.

Back in the Spring of 2013, we were on a Midwestern tour, and the second stop of that tour was at a venue Double Happiness in Columbus, OH. That was a special show for us, as we had to cancel a show there a year prior because our bus broke down. It felt like a triumph of some sort.

The venue itself was a cool spot. The Darjeeling Limited was playing on the TV behind the bar. They gave us a case of Ohio shit beer, Hudy Delight, which was awesome, and had amazing yakitori. We got to relax before the show, and I believe I wrote a blog post about how their bathroom didn't have a door. All in all, we were excited to be there, and there were some rad Columbus bands on the bill. One of those bands, Coal Fired Bicycle.

Coal Fired Bicycle was an excellent band, and even better people. They took us to a hotdog place after the show, and then gave us a place to stay in the comfort and hospitality of their own home. Some of us shared a bed, and some Ambien. Some of us got a couch. All of us slept well, and got to hang with a dog that we named Gary (not her name). They were the sweetest hosts.

Fast forward to today. Coal Fired Bicycle is going on tour, and making Frederick a destination of that tour. We will be hosting them at Cafe Nola, and we're super excited that they're coming. Make sure you mark your calendars, and check them out, as well as see us play for the first time since July. Our old piano player, and founding member, Thom Huenger, will be joining us. It's not going to be a show to miss. Until then friends.