Live at Sky Stage Recording Release

Just over a week ago, we played a show at Frederick's famous Sky Stage. This was our second time playing Sky Stage (two weeks apart), and it was a lot of fun. Thankfully, the sound guys had rigged everything up to record our set.

A couple of things about these recordings:

  1. Sometimes the sound gets a little goofy
  2. There are clear technical difficulties
  3. Guitars are out of tune
  4. Perfection does not exist

At first listen, I immediately thought, "no one will ever hear this." After spending the time chopping the recording into each individual song, there was something enchanting about it. It's humbling to listen to a performance that you put your heart/soul/energy into, and have it come back far from where you thought or hoped it would be. Nonetheless, it grew on me. Last night, we as a band listened to the whole recording, pointing out the obvious moments where things went wrong, or sounded strange, and laughed about it. More times than not, we picked out parts that we really liked. We found promise, and that's why we posted it on our Bandcamp for everyone to listen to it for free.

If you've ever seen us play live, you know it's a fun time. It's never perfect. We never execute anything with precision, we just go out there, and try to put on the best show we can. This set of recordings, I/we believe, appropriately exemplify that.

Last thing about this - all these songs (besides the last song) are going to appear on our second full length album. This is your first real preview of that. Check it out. Don't take it too seriously, and enjoy it the best you can.

You can find it at:



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