Baltimore Show This Weekend


We're playing in Baltimore at the wonderful Metro Gallery this coming Saturday, June 25th, and we're all sorts of excited. We'll be sharing the stage with our good buddies in Big Hoax for their debut record release. Knowing them, this record is going to be fantastic. Some other cool bands, Fellow Creatures and Pony Bones, will be playing some tunes as well. You don't want to miss it.

As some of you know, the last show we played, before taking 2+ years off, was played in Baltimore. Actually, our last 2 shows were played in Baltimore. We've been looking forward to getting back to town for almost a year now, and we're excited to play a set of songs that are almost entirely unreleased new MTNS songs. We hope to see all our old pals out Saturday night to support a great night of music.


Andrew and the rest of the MTNS